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Canadian Immigration Questions and Answers for July 2013

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Every month, Attorney David Cohen will answer a few general Canadian immigration questions submitted by our readers. Here are this month’s questions and answers:

Under what circumstances can a Temporary Work Permit application be expedited? 

There are no formal provisions for expedited processing of Temporary Work Permits. A request can be made to the Visa Office to expedite processing, and if the Visa Office finds that the reasons for the request are compelling then they have the ability to expedite the processing.

I read that for my immigration application, I must provide work reference letters for the past ten years. Does this mean I have to ask my current employer to provide a letter? I am nervous it would put me in an awkward situation professionally. 

Yes, the Government requires reference letters from every job during the past ten years to confirm that it was paid employment, and to determine which occupation the job can be classified as. When reference letters are not available or not provided, alternate documentation can be submitted (e.g. appointment letters, evaluation reports, pay slips, etc.). However, it is purely up to the discretion of the Visa Officer to accept such alternate types of documents. Any job for which acceptable documentation is not provided is usually ignored in the Visa Officer’s evaluation. This can sometimes result in a refusal of the application.

I want to retire in Canada. Is there a special program for retirees? 

There are no programs targeted specifically at individuals who want to retire in Canada. Canada offers three types of immigration streams, namely economic immigration, family sponsorship and humanitarian (refugee) programs. The only non-economic immigration option for individuals who want to retire in Canada is to be sponsored by an eligible family member who is a Canadian Citizen or Permanent Resident.

My spouse and I want to apply for immigration to Canada. Based on our assessments, we are both eligible to apply to our chosen program. How should we decide who will be the principle applicant? 

There are several factors that must be evaluated to choose who should be the principal applicant. Apart from choosing the strongest profile in terms of the program’s selection factors, one must also consider the availability and strength of the documentation relating to education and work experience. It is also possible to submit two applications to maximize the chances of success, however this would double the costs of applying for immigration.

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15 thoughts on “Canadian Immigration Questions and Answers for July 2013

  1. Maria Angelica L. Maico

    Hello, Im a Filipina from Tacloban City with Two (2) children 24yr.old son his name is Anjo Michael L. Maico and 13yr. Old daughter her name is Ma. Myka L. Maico. My two children are survivors of Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda. My house is located at brgy. Baras palo leyte abd its been washed out. My intention of writing this is I need your he lp. I want to bring my kids here as soon as possible. My status hete is a worker under the Live in Caregiver Program . I came here last Augusy 5, 2012. My client I.D no is 6348-9025 . Being a mother its really hard for me to be far away from my children especially right now whete they need my care , love and presence. I want to give them a better future here with me. Im wishing for this coming christmas my favor will be granted. Right now my kids are in Manila living with my brother and took some medications for they got a lot of bruises due to struggling just to survive. They swam 15’high water and they saw dead bodies while struggling to live. Very horrific and traumatic experience they had. I hope you will hear my cry. And answer my favor. Thabk you and more power.

  2. Mrs Umar

    I want to apply for Canadian immigration with my husband where i am the principal applicant. But my funds are in my bank which is joint with my parents. Am i eligible to submit the bank statement joint with my parents for Canadian immigration of me and my Husband. Kindly reply me as soon as possible.

  3. Gem

    Hi may I a question if a possible to sponsor my son because during the time i came in Canada I didn’t told to immigration about my son? Because I’m not married yet during the time I came here and I decided to go home last year to married his father because I decided to sponsor his my husband what should I do? Tnx

  4. Mimi

    Sir, what will happen if the occupation that I want to apply has reached already its required cap and I have sent already my application to your office? Thanks

  5. Steve


    I am an immigrant of Canada, but my PR Card is expired in Mar 2008, due to some family issues I could not able to return to Canada.

    My question is how can I renew my PR Card living outside Canada. Now my family problem is sorted out & I want to go back to Canada permenantely.

    Appreciate an early response.

    Thanks / Regards,


  6. Judith Bautista

    Hello its my 5th year here in Canada as a temporary foreign worker under PILOT Program, low skilled worker, can I apply directly as a live in caregiver? Please help me what go do to change my status..

  7. Nirmala

    Hello Sir/Madam,
    I need your help please. Actually i am really in problem, because last year in October months, one agent from UK said that i am eligible for Live in caregiver for Canada, and they said that we will get the decision from them within maximum of 6 to 7 months time, but i have done everything from my side, i am not getting any decision from embassy and i am waiting and waiting for the visa from such a long time, i don’t know why it is taking such a long time, when i asked with agent then they say that they can’t do anything and say only n only we have to wait, i don’t know the fact,can you please let me know why this is taking such long time for Live in work permit?
    Looking forward your answer….Thans

  8. sifate rabbany

    Hi I am a Canadian citizen. I got citizen in 2011. My parents live in Bangladesh & recently I decided I wanna stay with my parents a year or maybe more than that after I wanna go back to canada. I wanna know that’s do Canadian citizen have any limitations to stay out side of Canada??

  9. Pavin

    Though I could not inform one of my 3 children before my landing, i informed to CIC about the existence of my 3rd child one month after my landing when i knew about the baby. Also i left canada to be with my child, child’s mum and had a common law relationship for 1.5 years.Then i came Canada by applying a travel document and in this application, i have included all children. Now If my common law apply for a Canada work permit now for care giver position, will it affect my status because of the undeclared child.

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