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David’s Blog: Strengthening Canadian Citizenship?

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As noted in my most recent blog, the Canadian government is proposing to amend the current Citizenship Act in a way that will fundamentally transform the meaning, scope and processing of Canadian citizenship. >>Read More…



4 thoughts on “David’s Blog: Strengthening Canadian Citizenship?

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    I totally agree with Hitesh.

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    I like to live in Canada

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    Rattar Wazir

    It seems very strange on the part of policy makers to bring abrupt changes in the citizenship policy. What is fault of those who landed here with agreement of the old policy? It is emotional shock for those who were waiting for submitting applications for citizenship by this year. And what is wrong with if somebody gets job abroad , earns money and pay taxes to Canada? If Canada wants to keep people in the country, it needs to create jobs and revise basic rate of per hour wages. I am wondering, how government is ignorant of peoples’ miserable life. The majority of immigrants were well settled in their countries, having jobs, homes and easy life. It may not be forgotten that Government of Canada is not offering immigration to poor, uneducated and unskilled. The policy demands healthy bank account, considerable property and higher degrees. People believing in the governments’ slogan for quality life and Canada as a land of opportunities burn their both ends to meet the requirement. They bring their entire money and spend it within few months. Actually this kind of flow of money boosts Canadian economy. Afterwards, when immigrants look into the market for jobs , they are asked to have a Canadian degree and Canadian job experience. What a big joke! Unless someone offers a job and give chance to immigrant how he builds Canadian experience. Actually, country brings educated people for odd jobs. However, time is not far when people will come into the conflict with the hidden policy of Canadian immigration.

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    Je veux venir avec leurs familles parce que le Canada est un pays que j’aime beaucoup pour vous l’éducation, parce que c’est un bon dieu vous bénisse pays beaucoup

    I want to come with their families because Canada is a country that I love very much for yourself education, because that is a good country god bless you much

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