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CanadaVisa Social: Visit Us Today!

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CanadaVisa is dedicated to helping individuals from across the globe to come to Canada. One of the most effective ways to get our message to prospective immigrants is through CanadaVisa Social.

As we welcome the falling leaves of the Autumn months, we can reflect on what has been a great summer for the CanadaVisa team. We met and surpassed the milestone of having 100,000 friends on Facebook. We have also been busy keeping our followers informed about the latest immigration news, as well as sharing inspiring stories about Canada and Canada’s immigrant community. Interacting with our community helps us understand the concerns and needs of everyone interested in Canadian immigration, and allows us to create the best content possible.

CanadaVisa has a wide range of social media hubs made by and for people who are passionate about Canadian immigration. Make sure to check us out, and feel free to connect with us and share with your friends.


CanadaVisa’s Facebook page is becoming increasingly popular, with over 130,000 current users. Our daily updates on immigration news, stories of success, and articles from our newsletter give our followers all the information they could wish for. Our Facebook community gets involved in a range of discussions on all things Canada. Like us today and join the conversation!


CanadaVisa’s Twitter page is the place to go to find out the latest Canadian immigration news. Whether it is breaking news, an interesting story, or a cool fact about Canada, you will find it here first.


If you are a user of LinkedIn, make sure to connect with CanadaVisa on our profile page. If you would like to connect with Attorney David Cohen professionally, you may also find him on LinkedIn, where you will also encounter hundreds of Canadian and international professionals interested in immigration to Canada.


CanadaVisa’s Google+ page is the latest addition to our social hubs. Check us out, and bookmark CanadaVisa today.

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14 thoughts on “CanadaVisa Social: Visit Us Today!

  1. Avatar
    Saeed Chawla

    I am lecturer in english at Govt. college . I want to join Canadian college to teach english . I have 20 years experience of teaching to degree and masters classes. I am from Pakistan. I need Canadian immigration.

  2. Avatar

    i am from philippines, now here in Pago-pago American Samoa, a student. and i am planning to visit canada to a friend.. what should i do? what kind of doccuments do i/we need to provide? i am planning to visit him this christmas. during our semester break…please… tell me how much do we need to pay for visa process and if i need a bank statement? or my friend needs to provide it?
    your answer is highly appreciated..
    have a great day

  3. Avatar
    harjinder singh

    i want to get PR manitoba and my qualification is B.Tech(ECE) and i have 3 years experience in Networking field.

  4. Avatar

    I would like to know the possible way to get me to canada ..I am a Liberian citizen

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