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CanadaVisa News Briefs For February, 2015

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The following is a summary of developments concerning Canadian Citizenship and Immigration that have taken place since the beginning of this month.

• Newfoundland And Labrador To Provide Details Of Express Entry Category Later This Month

The Canadian province of Newfoundland and Labrador has stated that it will announce the criteria for its new NL Express Entry Skilled Worker category during January, 2015, and will be accepting applications thereafter. >>Read More

Quebec To Begin Public Consultation On Immigration And Diversity

The government of Quebec is preparing to launch a consultation with people living in the province later this month. The consultation will cover issues relating to immigration, diversity and inclusion, and comes at a time when the current Liberal provincial government is organising changes to its immigration and integration policies. >>Read More

• Quebec Immigration To Take Inspiration From Canadian Model

The government of Quebec is preparing to launch a year-long policy review regarding its immigration process, beginning this Wednesday at the National Assembly in Quebec City. >>Read More

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    I will like to move to Canada with my family

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    Miété Likibi Ponsy

    Bonsoir Messieurs! J’avais fait une demande de visa pour l’immigration permanente au Canada, sauf que je l’ai pas encore reçu. Je prie de me l’envoyer dans un bref délai, car c’est la seule pièce qui m’empêche d’accéder au Canada. Je vous remercie!

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    i want to come in canada

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