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David’s Blog: The Fools On The Hill

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Typically, April Fool’s pranks are cooked up the night before or the morning of the day itself. Rarely are they a decade in the making. Beginning today, April 1, however, Canadians and non-Canadians working in Canada alike will begin to experience the effects of misguided policies instigated by the government of Canada — the creation of undocumented immigrants to Canada. >>Read more . . . 



3 thoughts on “David’s Blog: The Fools On The Hill

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    syed muhammad wali

    Canada is good country

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    Abera GOSSAYE

    Very nice I am happy If I get the chance for canada Immigration. Hey you are giving us hope
    All the time how can we become successful for our dream .

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    Abera GOSSAYE

    Wow canada visa
    It is important to me

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