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Twelfth Express Entry Draw: CRS Points Required Decreases to 463

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The number of Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) points required by candidates to receive an invitation to apply for permanent residence through the Express Entry selection system for Canadian immigration has dropped for the third time in just over a month.

The twelfth draw from the Express Entry pool was performed on July 10, 2015. A total of 1,516 invitations to apply for Canadian permanent residence were issued to candidates with 463 or more CRS points.

Though three Express Entry draws that selected candidates with less than 600 points have occurred previously — notably from March 20 to April 17, 2015 — the most recent Express Entry draws mark the first time in which three such draws have taken place and the CRS points requirement has decreased for each consecutive draw.

This news has been welcomed by candidates who have been awarded a considerable number of CRS points for their core human capital factors, which includes level of education, age, work experience and language proficiency, as well as those who have successfully obtained a qualifying job offer of arranged employment or an enhanced provincial nomination certificate.

Many candidates who had been in the pool for many weeks, or even months, have finally been rewarded for their efforts at increasing their CRS score and ranking.

Moreover, with an increasing number of Canadian provinces having introduced Express Entry streams as part of their Provincial Nominee Programs, candidates in the Express Entry pool are seeing an increasing number of options and opportunities for obtaining the all-important invitation to apply. The provinces of Ontario and Saskatchewan, as well as the Maritime provinces of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, have all introduced such streams in recent weeks.

These enhanced Provincial Nominee Program immigration streams have all been covered in-depth by in recent weeks:

How are people getting invitations to apply?

(The following scenarios are hypothetical and do not represent real people who have received an invitation to apply. They are representative of how people may have improved their CRS score and ranking within the pool over recent weeks and months.)

Gabriel: 464 points

Gabriel wishes to immigrate to Canada as a single applicant. Now 30 years old, he obtained a Master’s degree in 2011 and has recently acquired a third year of work experience outside Canada as an insurance manager. He has initial advanced (CLB 9) language proficiency. He had considered re-taking a language test with the aim of improving his language ability to CLB 10 or higher, but the fact that he reached an annual milestone in his work experience, along with the CRS points requirement decreasing, led to him receiving an invitation to apply.

Maria: 463 points

Like Gabriel, Maria is also 30 years old and has never worked or studied in Canada. She is in the pool as a principal applicant and wishes to move to Canada with her husband and child. She has a Master’s Degree, has completed four years of skilled work experience, and has proven initial advanced (CLB 9) language proficiency. Her profile had been in the pool since February, 2015. During recent months, her husband has obtained an Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) for his Bachelor’s degree and sat the General IELTS test, in which he received results equivalent to CLB 9 for listening, speaking and reading, and CLB 8 for writing. Because these spousal characteristics are taken into account under the CRS, Maria’s score increased to a total of 463.

Charlotte: 475 points

Thirty-seven year-old Charlotte has been living and working in Canada as a biologist for two years. She obtained a Bachelor of Science degree back in 2001, for which she obtained an ECA before entering the Express Entry pool. She is a single applicant and is fluent in English. She has also acquired three years of skilled work experience in her home country earlier in her career. Though she hasn’t obtained a large number of points for her age, her other credentials are strong enough for her to be awarded 475 points.

Ahmed: 899 points (pending)

Ahmed is 45 years old and has been working in Saskatchewan as a construction estimator since obtaining a temporary work permit in 2013. He has a one-year post-secondary training certificate and, though not a native speaker of English or French, has managed to get his language proficiency in English up to an adequate intermediate (CLB 7) standard.  When he saw that his occupation was listed as in-demand for the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP) Express Entry sub-category, he made an application to the SINP. After his complete and accurate application is approved by the province and he inputs this information into his Express Entry profile, he will be awarded 600 additional CRS points and will receive an invitation to apply for permanent residence at a subsequent draw from the pool.

Don’t lose heart

“The most recent Express Entry draws may be seen as a positive development for candidates in the pool who did not receive an invitation to apply this time around. The important thing is to not lose heart,” says Attorney David Cohen. “The number of CRS points required has been decreasing over the past month. Moreover, with an increasing number of Canadian provinces having introduced Express Entry streams as part of their Provincial Nominee Programs, candidates in the Express Entry pool are seeing an increasing number of options and opportunities for obtaining the all-important invitation to apply.

“By learning from others and by communicating with experts on Canadian immigration, candidates who have not yet been issued an invitation to apply may realize that their dream of immigrating to Canada remains a real one. And, of course, I offer my congratulations to anybody who has received an invitation to apply so far,” says Attorney David Cohen.


To find out if you are eligible for any of over 60 Canadian immigration programs, including the federal economic programs that are processed under Express Entry, please fill out a free online assessment today.
Express Entry CRS Calculator
Express Entry quick facts, from January 1 to July 14 (All dates are for 2015)

  • Launch date: January 1
  • First draw from the pool: January 31
  • Most recent draw from the pool: July 10
  • Minimum CRS points required for selection in any one draw: 453 (March 27 and April 17 draws)
  • Largest number of invitations to apply issued in any one draw: 1,637 (March 27 draw)
  • Fewest invitations to apply issued in any one draw: 715
  • Largest decrease in CRS points required between two consecutive draws: 273 (from May 22 to June 12 draws)
  • Smallest decrease in CRS points required between two consecutive draws: 6 (from June 27 to July 10 draws)
  • Largest increase in CRS points required between two consecutive draws: 302 (from April 17 to May 22 draws)
  • Longest gap between two consecutive draws: 35 days (from April 17 to May 22 draws)
  • Shortest gap between two consecutive draws: 7 days (on four occasions)
  • Total number of invitations to apply issued: 13,519

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58 thoughts on “Twelfth Express Entry Draw: CRS Points Required Decreases to 463

  1. Avatar
    manpreet kaur

    Hiii.. I am 26 years old am I am working in retail from past 5 years.. I m graduate and I have done 1 year diploma as well in customer service.. I scored 6 bands in ielts as well..
    So shall I apply for pr in Canada through express entry or any other way???

  2. Avatar
    Jagmohan Singh

    Hi, my qualification is 12th grade & plumber engineering and ielts 6.5bands 3 years experience can I eligible for pr in Canada.

  3. Avatar
    maryam khan

    I am Maryam from pakistan my age is 29 years old.i have done masters in mathematics(16 years).i have also done professional course bachelor of education.i have 7 years of teaching experience in different schools now i am preparing for IELTS and want to apply for express entry program as primary candidate.i also have one 3 years old child.
    My husband qualification is bachelor of computer engineering degree (16 years of education). he has almost 10 years of experience in computer networking field.i want to know that how much score i can get as i checked on CRS calculator it produces almost 380 score.
    how much IELTS score i required and what are my chances for immigration.i also want to know should i or my husband needed province letter or arranged employment or without it i can get immigration.
    looking for your response thanks.

  4. Avatar

    dear sir /madam
    I have 324 CRC point as a nurse.Now ITA points around can u tell me that is any nurses revised an ITA in sri lanka or other Asian country..?

  5. Avatar
    karim chadi

    they said

    We welcome your comments on the news article above. However, we do not respond to specific questions in this space. If you have a question, you may Contact Us If you want to know if you qualify for Canadian immigration, you may complete our Free Assessment – See more at:

    so why do keep askin your question . it seems that you don’t meet the eligibilty requirements for not reading that red message

    ciaoooo thanks

  6. Avatar
    ganesh supugade

    I I have a score of 346 points for the job code 2241. will i be invited

  7. Avatar
    promod p

    iam a nurse. i completed my graduation in nursing BSc and have total five years of experience. iam single. my ielts score is 7.5-speak, 7-writing,6.5 each in listening and reading (academic). i have done my Credential evaluation, and iam eligible. so is iam able to cross the CRS target. waiting for reply. Thankss

  8. Avatar
    Faleti Adenike Anifat

    I am 35years ,i intended to migrate with my spouse and 2children, I have higher national diploma (HND) IN BANKING AND FINANCE 2002 and a certificate in Inventory Management . I have 5years work experience as an Administrative Manager and 3years work experience as an Inventory Manager ,3years work experience as a customer service personnel and 2years work experience as a bank operator, my clb score for Ielts general is 5. my Credential is under evaluation with WES . Please, which of the province am I qualify to apply for in express entry for skilled immigrant for Canadian permanent residence ?

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