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Refugee Crisis: How You Can Help

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The ongoing conflict in Syria has resulted in the biggest humanitarian crisis of our time, with recent images of a drowned boy who had fled his homeland with his family bringing renewed attention to a crisis that has escalated over recent years and months. Refugees are in urgent need of support and supplies, including food, shelter, blankets, water and healthcare.

The Campbell Cohen Canadian immigration law firm has partnered with UNHCR with an urgent appeal. Your secure donation can provide a lifeline today.

This week, the Campbell Cohen law firm has partnered with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), also known as the UN Refugee Agency, with an urgent appeal for its dedicated Syria refugee fund. Millions of refugees, including many families with young children, have fled the region. By making a once-off donation or by signing up to make a monthly gift, individuals can make a real and immediate difference.

“Scared and extremely vulnerable, more than two million children have fled Syria to seek refuge from the ongoing conflict, many of them ending up in Lebanon, Turkey, Greece and on into central Europe. Add unstable countries in North Africa and the wider Middle East into the mix, and you’ve got a situation that demands immediate and compassionate international attention,” stated Attorney David Cohen in his blog this week.

“What struck me about UNHCR when we first made contact proposing this special partnership was that their work on the ground has been proven time and again during previous crises, as well as the current one. Syrian families are struggling to pay for basic life essentials and urgently require your help. Your donation will help provide a lifeline to Syrian families, so please donate whatever you can.”

Click here to make a secure donation to the Campbell Cohen/UNHCR Syrian Refugee Fund.

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