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David’s Blog: “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses”

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Attorney David Cohen's blog covers a wide range of Canadian immigration issuesThe historical narrative of North America is built on immigration. Both Canada and United States, and Mexico, for that matter, are largely populated by the sons, daughters, and other descendants of individuals and families who at one point made a major life decision to seek a new and better life far from home.

For many, this continent became their home away from home. [Read more . . .]

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3 thoughts on “David’s Blog: “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses”

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    Hello, I am Nethra from India. I am already in the Express Entry pool with 350 points. Is there any way to improve the chances of getting selected, Can someone help me with reference to Manitoba Provincial Nomination. I dont have any friend or relative to refer…..Can you help me please.

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    David Omojevwe

    Hello, l’m dave from Nigeria l’m very much interested in Canadian visa please contact me at all time thank you, l’m engineer by profession work as fabricator engineer work in a construction company oil and gas industry based in warri Delta state Nigeria, Niger Delta region of Nigeria

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    I need help I want to migrate to Canada and my entire family.
    I am a Ugandan and my wife and I are in our 30s
    I am educated to bachelor level and my wife a masters.
    we have 4 children aged 13,7,6 and 2. we are both employed
    and am looking for that someone who can help with the process
    we are willing to settle anywhere in canada. we are both fluent in
    the English language.

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