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Canadian Immigration Questions and Answers with Attorney David Cohen

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David Cohen answers a range of Canadian immigration questionsEvery month, Attorney David Cohen will answer a few general Canadian immigration questions submitted by our readers. These questions cover immigration programs, eligibility, processing, language requirements, investing in Canada, landing, admissibility, studying in Canada, working in Canada, and much more. Here are this month’s questions and answers.

1. Hi, in regards to Express Entry. If I have two results from IELTS, from separate test dates, will IRCC consider the highest scores from one test, or will they look for the highest for each module (highest for speaking, highest for listening, highest for writing and highest for reading)?

For the purposes of economic immigration to Canada, a single language test recognized by the government of Canada may be used to prove language ability. If an individual wishes to prove a higher language proficiency — for example, in order to become eligible for a program or increase a points total — he or she may re-take a test. However, that individual may not include scores from more than one test added together. The test results are taken into consideration in their entirety, from one test date.

2. Hi David, I need your input on something. I am an Indian national and I received my ITA in the last draw. I am in the process of readying my application but have a query regarding showing proof of funds. I have applied for a loan from a bank and I will receive the money by next week. But I read in different forums that taking a loan for the same is not approved. Is it so?

Applicants must ensure that they are fulfil the eligibility requirements of the program they are applying to. Federal Skilled Worker applicants without a job offer are required to prove that they have the required settlement funds.

Settlement funds must be available to you and transferable to Canada. They must be unencumbered by debts or other obligations. You cannot borrow this money from another person or entity and then claim it as an unencumbered asset.

3. I am a Brazilian citizen and want to fly to Canada later this year for tourism purposes. I read recently that some Brazilians will no longer need a visa. Do I need a visa?

As of May 1, 2017, some eligible citizens of Brazil are no longer required to obtain a Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) if they are flying to Canada. Brazilian nationals who have held a Canadian visitor visa in the past 10 years, or who currently hold a valid United States visitor visa, must instead apply for an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) in order to enter Canada by air for a short visit, generally of up to six months, such as for a business visit or a vacation.

However, travelers who do not meet these conditions are still required to obtain a TRV in order to travel to Canada.

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88 thoughts on “Canadian Immigration Questions and Answers with Attorney David Cohen

  1. Avatar

    My wife applied for express entry and was invited to apply under FSWP as she is the primary applicant . i recently graduated from university in canada and was given a post graduate work permit. Does my wife need to submit profe of funds seeing i was just given a Work permit ???

  2. Avatar

    HELLO SIR, I WORLD LIKE TO KNOW THE NAME MISMATCH. In my academic documents, my mother name is without sir name while in my passport it is with the surname. I want to migrate Canada through Express entry. Is it create any problem for me in future?

  3. Avatar
    lovepreet singh

    sir I apply for Canada study visa 45 days before but till I get not any response from Canada visa Chandigarh. what is the reason behind it?
    I am Indian citizen

  4. Avatar

    Yes, it will be part of Express entry pool, Old profile will expire after one year

  5. Avatar

    Reappear for IELTS and gain CLB level -9

  6. Avatar

    If your CRS is near to 400 you need not apply for IELTS again as the cutoff is coming down gradually, If CRS is low then it would be better if you could reappear for IELTS.

    You have an option of going for Revaluation of IELTS scores, if ur confident enough. Amount will be refunded if the scores improve.

  7. Avatar

    Resend the PEI application form to the mailing address, in the recent past they are taking lot of time to issue the nomination.

    Chk for NSNP, if ur NOC is falling under the 16 occupations list, if yes you can apply for NS PNP

    PS: NSNP is going to open the CAP periodically in 2017

  8. Avatar

    For Primary applicant 6 each in all the four section individually. For spouse 4.5 in Listening, 3.5 in reading, 4 in writing & 4 speaking.

    Spouse IELTS scores are optional, it is not mandatory for spouse to take the IELTS.

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