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CanadaVisa Social | Wishing our followers a Happy New Year!

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As we prepare for a busy new year, we realize the value our followers add to CanadaVisa. Thanks to your amazing social engagement in 2017, we expect 2018 to be an even bigger year for CanadaVisa’s online community. This year is expected to be an important one for Canadian immigration, and the CanadaVisa team will make sure you get the latest news and information as it unfolds.

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram, are the go-to social media channels for the latest immigration updates, tips on moving to Canada, finding a job, and making Canada your new home.


Follow our Facebook page for up-to-date immigration news, program options, and tips for planning your future in Canada. Our Facebook community — more than 1.3 million and growing quickly— join the conversation in a range of different topics related to Canadian immigration. Like us today, and stay engaged!

We also have a growing Facebook community that focuses on strictly on stories relevant to Canada’s international student community — follow Canada Study News for breaking news about studying in Canada, tips on student life, settling as an international student and more.


The CanadaVisa Twitter feed has all the Canadian immigration breaking news updates, as well as tips and tricks to help guide your immigration process. Feel free to tweet us — we will get back to you.

For international education — join us over at @CanadaStudyNews and get informed on how studying in Canada could be your pathway to permanent residence.


Our instagram profile features stunning photographs and profiles from across Canada, showcasing the country’s picturesque landscapes and stories of recent migration into the country. Follow us today to start planning your dream Canadian getaway or get some ideas for your future home! Whatever you’re looking for, CanadaVisa’s Instagram gallery will offer some inspiration.


The CanadaVisa YouTube channel is where you will find up-to-date video on topics related to Canadian immigration and suggested playlists from our team. Our channel hosts a range of videos including immigration news updates, interviews with Attorney David Cohen, and clips of Canadian cultural moments. We want to hear from you and read your comments — it helps us to provide the content that you want! Watch one of our recent videos on immigration to Canada, and let us know what you think.


If you are on LinkedIn , make sure to connect with CanadaVisa. If you would like to connect with Attorney David Cohen professionally, you may also find him on LinkedIn, where you will also come across hundreds of Canadian and international professionals interested in immigration to Canada.


Join us on Google+ — we share our exclusive content here, as well as across all of our social media channels. Check us out, and bookmark CanadaVisa for future reference.

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