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Quebec education ministry launches campaign to recruit foreign teachers

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The Ministry of Education and Higher Education in Quebec unveiled a new online website aimed at providing information about teacher training to foreigners and Canadians in hopes of attracting workers in the field of education.

The announcement was made on January 22 by Jean-François Roberge, Quebec’s Minister of Education and Higher Education.

The new website section “Devenir enseignant” (Becoming a Teacher) has been integrated into the content of the existing online platform and is intended for immigrants, students, teachers, and adults undergoing a career change.

In addition to basic information on the teaching profession, this new virtual space contains a description of the teacher’s duties, instructions on how to obtain a teaching licence, resources for finding a job in the field, as well as practical information for teachers who wish to immigrate to Québec.

Foreigners interested in coming to Quebec to teach can find information about internationally recognized programs that will allow them to teach in the province, consult a list of countries from which training might be recognized and read up on the application procedure.

According to information provided on the site, many training courses are internationally recognized for teaching in Quebec and many professional and educational trajectories lead to this profession, especially since employment prospects in the field are excellent in Quebec at this time.

The ministry emphasizes the fact that it is possible for foreigners to become teachers in Quebec even if it is not their current occupation.

“I am pleased to launch this initiative to promote and provide information about teaching practices in Quebec. I am convinced that ‘Devenir enseignant‘ will benefit a large number of people interested in the teaching profession, whether they are from Quebec or abroad,” the minister said in a press release.

“With all the opportunities that today’s employment environment offers, we must, therefore, do more to publicize all the advantages of the profession and attract new teachers. I am confident that this website, entirely devoted to teaching, will help us achieve that goal.”

Schools in Quebec are facing a critical shortage of teachers, and efforts are being made across the board to court newcomers to meet the needs.

For more detailed information about the “Devenir enseignant” initiative go to this dedicated page.

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