UPDATE: Technical difficulties halt Ontario Employer Job Offer International Student Stream applications

Shelby Thevenot
Published: November 26, 2020

Ontario has halted registration for the Employer Job Offer International Student stream today, as a result of technical difficulties.

Ontario says in a media release that intake will not reopen today.

Original story published at 15:03 GMT

Ontario is accepting applications for international students who have job offers in the province to apply for a provincial nomination.

The Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program is accepting applications to the Employer Job Offer: International Student stream on November 26. All applicants must have a current job offer and an up-to-date employer form.

The stream will open at some point between 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST, according to the government website.

A significant number of users are expected to use the system. Typically the window opens for just a short time. In 2021, the OINP intends to launch an Expression of Interest system to better manage the large number of applicants.

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If you are applying, you may encounter a high-volume message page or be placed in priority queue. This is not a technical error and there is no need to contact the program. Should a technical issue arise, the OINP says to contact them directly at ontarionominee@ontario.ca. They ask for a screenshot showing the time and date stamp of when the error happened, as well as details about how it occurred.

Once the intake limit has been met, the system will automatically shut down, preventing any further registrations.

The portal to register for the program will be available on the government's webpage. You can click on the button that says "Submit an application" using your desktop computer. Phones and tablets are not supported by the e-Filing system.

The province also notes that you should pay careful attention when entering your date of birth. The correct formatting is DD/MM/YYY. Once you submit your name and birthdate, you cannot change it.

This registration window is for the Employer Job Offer: International Student stream only. No registrations will be accepted for the Employer Job Offer: Foreign Worker stream, though this portal may be accessible any registrations submitted during the application window will be deleted. The OINP also pointed out that this is not to be confused with the Masters Graduate stream, which is also not currently accepting applications.

Current job offer and up-to-date employer form required

Your job offer must be current when you apply, meaning you cannot apply with a pending job offer, or a potential return to work date. The job offer is a required supporting document, and it must have a definitive and imminent start date.

The OINP requires you to submit the most recent version of the employer form, which must be completed and dated no earlier than November 26, 2020. The employer form says that it must be submitted within six months from the date of signing, but the information contained in it must be current. If the employer form is dated before November 26, or the job offer is not current, the application will be returned as incomplete.

Those who successfully register have 14 days to complete and submit the application. This time can be used to upload an up-to-date employer form. No extensions will be provided.

Employers should make sure all information submitted in the employer form is accurate. Also, be aware the "Regulatory Compliance Information" section B of the employer form has been revised to indicate whether the employer’s business is currently compliant under the Ontario Employment Standards Act, 2000 and the Ontario Occupational Health and Safety Act.

Eligible one-year study programs

In order for your application to be approved under the Job Offer: International Student stream, you must have received one of the following documents from an eligible Canadian institution:

  • a degree or diploma that takes at least two years to complete if you study on a full-time basis, or
  • a degree, diploma or certificate that takes at least one year to complete if you study on a full-time basis and that requires a completed degree as an admission requirement.

In order to be eligible, your one-year program must require a completed degree as an admission requirement. One-year programs are ineligible if they require a degree or a diploma, or a degree or work experience, or similar, regardless of whether you personally completed a degree program prior to being accepted into the one-year program.

Also, more than half of your studies must have been completed while living and studying in Canada.

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