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Air India flight

Canada’s travel ban from India extended

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Air India flight

Canada has extended the travel ban for all direct passenger and business flights from India until July 21, 2021, but not from Pakistan.

The travel ban from both countries first went into place on April 22 for 30 days, until May 22, and was extended another 30 days until June 21.

Cargo flights carrying vaccines and protective equipment are exempt from this decision, and will continue to be allowed into Canada.

Travellers from India may still be able to come to Canada. However, they will have to travel via an indirect route, and will need to get a COVID-19 test from their last point of departure. This means that they will need to have a long layover in a third country.

Travellers from Pakistan, however, are allowed to come to Canada, and are not subject to a flight ban.

“Given the number of COVID-19 cases continue to be very high in India, we have extended our flight restrictions for this country,” Canada’s Minister of Transport, Omar Alghabra said, “We will continue to assess the evolving situation and determine appropriate action going forward.”

Last week, Canada’s border restrictions with all countries including the U.S. have been extended until July 21, 2021. Public safety minister, Bill Blair, confirmed the news via a tweet.

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What do travellers to Canada need to know?

All travellers to Canada are required to show a negative COVID-19 test within 72 hours before travelling, or a positive COVID-19 test administered between 14 and 90 days before travel. Air travellers are required to take another test when they arrive in Canada.

For travellers coming from India, the first COVID-19 test must have been administered in a third country.

Air travellers are then required to quarantine at a government-approved hotel for three days while they wait for their results for their COVID-19 test taken on arrival. This measure does not apply for fully vaccinated travellers.

Once they are cleared, travellers still need to continue their 14-day quarantine. The three day hotel stay counts towards the mandatory 14 days.

On the eighth day of their quarantine period, they will need to take a third and final COVID-19 test, except if they are fully vaccinated.

It is worth noting that compassionate travellers may apply to be released early from quarantine to attend a funeral, or to care for a loved one.

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