Prepare for CAEL and Meet Your Academic Goals with the Path to Success!

Published: June 3, 2024

The CAEL Path to Success is a helpful tool to chart and track your progress as candidates prepare for CAEL.

Knowing the best place to start can be challenging for those preparing for the CAEL Test, particularly when organizing a preparation routine.

However, many candidates don’t consider that thousands of aspiring academics like them have gone before them, and their journeys have helped create a comprehensive and worry-free suite of preparation steps and corresponding materials. Prometric turned this into the complete CAEL Path to Success, a comprehensive way to build your CAEL preparation journey.

Let’s take a close look at what is included.

The CAEL Path to Success The CAEL Path to Success is a study plan that walks you through your preparation journey, from creating an account on to diagnosing your current proficiency level to preparing you for test day. It includes the CAEL Path to Success Checklist, which outlines all the suggested steps in preparing for CAEL, including the 8+ hours of free online courses, our free practice tests, study tips videos, and more.

To start your CAEL study journey, we recommend taking one of CAEL’s free sample tests. These will allow candidates to familiarize themselves with the test format and timing, experience the types of questions they will likely encounter on test day, and see the correct answers for the Listening and Reading components.

The second page of the Path to Success features a convenient checklist to help organize a CAEL study routine. It allows candidates to track the online courses they have attended or watched and see quick summaries of available paid study materials if they are looking for further preparation.

There are also free CAEL Online Courses provided as live webinars or recorded sessions. Live webinars are available every month, with the entire suite of CAEL Online Courses taught live by a CAEL expert. If you are unable to attend the live webinars, recorded versions of each session are also available here.

The live webinars include:

CAEL 101: Get the Facts – This introductory session will help you become familiar with the test format, procedures, available study materials, and more. This session is hosted by a CAEL expert and is an opportunity to get your CAEL questions answered. Watch on YouTube.

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CAEL 200-Level Courses – These 4 sessions provide in-depth information about each test component, with sample questions and responses analyzed by a CAEL expert.

CAEL 300-Level Courses – These 2 sessions are dedicated to a single component of the CAEL test: Speaking and Writing. They devote their entire duration to working through common problems and sample questions and responses guided by a CAEL expert.

The CAEL Path to Success is a helpful tool to chart and track your progress as candidates prepare for CAEL. It helps them build a personalized study plan focusing on the areas of English proficiency that need improvement and increases their confidence as they move through the steps in anticipation of test day! With more than 8 hours of CAEL Online Courses, combined with the free CAEL practice test and expert-guided instruction, the CAEL Path to Success is a great way to determine if you need additional preparation materials and outlines the options for further study so you can feel confident on test day.

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