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    How IRCC checks if your offer of employment is genuine
    Two people sitting at a table and shaking hands with each other.
    Newcomers who came to Canada in second year of COVID-19 pandemic had better median entry wages than pre-pandemic: Statistics Canada
    Young happy executive manager holding business meeting with her coworkers in the office and looking at camera
    Immigrant employment rate in Canada rose in 2023
    Human resource manager shaking hands with male candidate during job interview in the office
    Canada’s green tech industry hiring boom could provide significant employment opportunities for immigrants
    Gender wage gap study shows some improvement for immigrant women in Canada
    Immigrant women in low income positions are shrinking their gender wage gap.
    The trends of immigrant employment in Canada
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    Newcomer access to credit in Canada improves over time, according to new study
    newcomer credit article september 2023
    Is it illegal for employers to ask newcomers about their lack of Canadian work experience?
    Interview process
    The cheapest DLI programs for international students eyeing Canada’s three most in-demand careers
    Young happy female student standing on the street and looking at camera
    Canadian employers are using social media to screen job candidates
    Newcomers to Canada should evaluate their social media before they start job hunting.
    What are your employment rights as a foreign worker?
    Employees standing
    Work and Study Permit holders see huge gains in employment, as strong hiring continues in Canada
    A man being hired for a job, shaking hands with the interviewer. Canada is experiencing record low unemployment as of January 2023.
    Canadian job vacancies down more than 44,000 in October 2022
    woman standing in foreground with tablet, people behind her working at table
    Recent Canadian immigrants endured disproportionate economic strain due to COVID-19: Statistics Canada
    Canadian flag, medical glove, paper with coronavirus written on it and an N95 mask
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    Ontario and Saskatchewan add 400,000 new jobs, as vacancies remain high
    Four people sitting in wait for a job interview. Canada's job vacancies continue to be high as sectors return to pre-pandemic levels
    Finding work in Canada: Should you negotiate your salary as a newcomer?
    Shaking hands
    Unemployment rate among immigrants is the lowest of any August on record
    Man standing with arms crossed in front of board room table
    Canada’s high job vacancy rate means immigration will be even more critical to the labour market in the future
    Young Canadians working in an office
    Canada sees record-high job vacancies in the first quarter of 2022
    Employer and candidate in a job interview.
    Job vacancies in Canada remain near record highs
    Business woman
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