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    Fact check: IRCC has not removed police certificate requirements for temporary residents
    A closeup of a uniform patch from a Toronto Police officer.
    Can I travel outside Canada after applying for a work permit extension? 
    professional truck driver looking at camera through side window
    Which Canadian industries may require a criminal record check for employment?
    Close-up Of Human Hand Filling Criminal Background Check Application Form With Pen
    Immigrant employment rate in Canada rose in 2023
    Human resource manager shaking hands with male candidate during job interview in the office
    The 2024 IEC pool is now open
    A group of young officer workers walk down a corridor. Canada has opened the IEC pool for 2024, allowing youth from multiple countries to arrive and work here.
    Ontario looking to ban employers from requiring Canadian work experience on application forms and in job postings
    An aerial scene of Kitchener, Ontario, Canada in summer
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    Is it illegal for employers to ask newcomers about their lack of Canadian work experience?
    Interview process
    What are your employment rights as a foreign worker?
    Employees standing
    Statistics Canada data shows that immigrants have a high rate of employment
    Recent Labour Force Survey shows unemployment rate is the same as September
    Employment rises as Canada’s labour force shrinks slightly
    A photo of a desk and people gathered around it. In September Canada made more positive strides towards returning to pre-pandemic business activity
    How to spot a fake Canadian job offer
    Woman looking frustrated on couch, holding laptop
    How Canadian employers can hire immigrants permanently
    Canadian employer conducting a virtual interview with a job candidate
    How to hire immigrants for jobs in Canada
    Multi-ethnic job candidates sitting in a row of chairs, wearing surgical masks.
    How to write a Canadian resume
    Employer and new hire shaking hands at job interview.
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    It is now easier to get a Bridging Open Work Permit in Canada
    Woman working at desk
    Ontario labour minister seeks more immigration and better worker conditions
    Ontario legislative assembly at Queens Park
    Graphic designers now among film and TV workers who can get expedited work permits
    Graphic designer
    What to do when your PR card expires outside Canada
    Dubai cityscape
    What you need to know about coming to Canada as a performing artist
    Dancer performing a stunt
    Canada to make major changes to temporary foreign worker regulations
    Farmer harvesting field
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