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    Introducing SAIT’s new Global Student Ambassador Program
    The Global Student Ambassador Program at SAIT, facilitated through The Ambassador Platform, allows prospective international students to connect with student ambassadors online.
    Canadian immigrants more likely to report a strong sense of belonging in Ontario and Atlantic Canada: Report
    red chair on hill outlooking a body of water
    How SAIT emphasizes international student diversification on its campus
    Global diversification turns the classroom into a place where people from many backgrounds, upbringings, and life experiences can come together.
    Who is Marc Miller? A profile of Canada’s new immigration minister
    A photo of Canada's parliament building in Ottawa.
    Ukrainians in Canada will be able to apply for permanent residence beginning in October
    ukraine sponsorship july 2023
    House prices rise in Canada as interest rates remain high
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    Study in Canada: Top reasons for international students to choose Calgary
    Calgary is a highly attractive destination for international students.
    The role of the Bank of Canada and how it impacts newcomers
    The Bank of Canada plays an important role in Canada's economy.
    Bank of Canada holds interest rates steady: Why that’s good for newcomers
    The Bank of Canada is holding the interest steady at 4.5%.
    Exploring the state of immigration detention in Canada
    Officer arresting man, handcuffs on the man's arms with hands behind his back
    From LinkedIn to TikTok: How newcomers are using social media to succeed in Canada
    Woman recording content for her social networks with a mobile phone.
    How SAIT invests in the success of international students to Canada
    IRCC launches public survey on improving immigration system
    man on laptop
    Canada to welcome more immigrants through the PNP
    Kicking Horse River at Yoho National Park, British Columbia, Canada
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    Canada’s Immigration Minister Sean Fraser announces work permit extension for PGWP holders
    pgwp announcement canada 2023
    International student life in Calgary compared to the rest of Canada
    How an ECA Helped Kirti Find Her Home in Canada
    IRCC invites Canadians to directly influence future immigration policies and programs
    Canadian parliament building in Ottawa
    Saving time upon arrival to Canada with an Advance CBSA Declaration
    Municipal airport building and hangars with a Canada flag against a blue cloudy summer sky
    Why is Canada accepting so many immigrants?
    Group of people with luggage lining up at an airport check-in counter
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