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    When to inform IRCC about changes to your family after submitting a family class application
    Happy family takes a selfie
    Is the Super Visa a good alternative to the PGP?
    A man, son and grandfather lying down together.
    IRCC now issuing invitations for Parents and Grandparents Program
    A mother and son smiling towards the camera, with the backdrop of a city behind them.
    Parents and Grandparents program will reopen this month
    A man and his father taking a walk in a garden.
    What to expect from Canadian immigration in 2024
    Sunset at Niagara Falls
    IRCC memo highlights Parents and Grandparents Program challenges
    Parents and grandparents
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    What to do if you are invited under the Parents and Grandparents Program 2023
    Grandparent and granddaughter
    Canada’s Parents and Grandparents 2023 lottery has begun
    Parents and grandparents
    IRCC announces update to Parents and Grandparents Program 2023
    Parents and grandparents
    What do we know about the Parents and Grandparents Program 2023?
    3 generation family
    IRCC application backlog increased slightly in May
    IRCC's backlog of applications increased in May.
    How Canada has advanced its commitment to family reunification so far in 2023
    IRCC inventory stands at 2 million applications
    Significant increase in Parents and Grandparent’s immigration to Canada to start 2023
    Three generations of family
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    IRCC allows Super Visa applicants to pay for medical insurance in monthly instalments
    3 generation family portrait
    Canada’s immigration backlog shows little change from January
    IRCC has released the latest data on the backlog of applications.
    What will the Parents and Grandparents Program look like in 2023?
    daughter hugging her mom
    Canada’s immigration backlog continues to gradually decrease
    IRCC reports the backlog of immigration applications is continuing to decrease.
    2023: A preview of Canadian immigration
    person standing facing away from the camera with Canadian flag draped over their back
    Canada’s immigration backlog has decreased to 2.2 million
    Latest data from IRCC shows reduction in the backlog of applications
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