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    British Columbia, Alberta and Manitoba nominate candidates in this week’s PNP results
    Oil field in Alberta
    BC PNP: Over 160 workers, graduates, entrepreneurs invited
    British Columbia invites 160 candidates in PNP draws
    Vancouver skyline
    British Columbia invites 198 in new PNP draws
    Vancouver in the winter
    British Columbia invites 289 in latest PNP draws
    British Columbia invites 232 in new PNP draws
    B.C. landscape
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    British Columbia invites 243 in latest PNP draws
    BC PNP Tech draw: 71 immigration invitations issued
    Vancouver, British Columbia.
    Immigrate to Canada without a job offer: British Columbia PNP
    Vancouver from above
    British Columbia invites 318 in latest PNP draws
    Vancouver on the water
    British Columbia invites 357 in new PNP draws
    Whistler, British Columbia, Canada.
    British Columbia invites 340 in latest PNP draws
    British Columbia seawall
    B.C. invites 358 foreign workers, international students in PNP draw
    BC PNP overview
    New BC PNP Tech draw: 85 immigration invitations issued
    British Columbia immigration
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    BC PNP: Over 400 workers, graduates, entrepreneurs invited
    A walk through the forest
    B.C. invites 108 tech workers in new PNP draw
    Women in tech
    British Columbia invites 422 in latest PNP draws
    B.C. landscape
    74 immigration candidates invited in new BC PNP Tech draw
    BC PNP: 464 immigration candidates invited in new draws
    British Columbia lake
    B.C. invites 34 immigration candidates in Tech draw
    Skyscraper in British Columbia
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