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    Report finds 94% of employers compliant with TFWP regulations
    Most employers who use the TFWP to hire employees are compliant with regulations.
    How to maintain status in Canada as a CEC candidate with an expiring PGWP
    CEC candidates with an expiring PGWP may be able to maintain status with a different work permit.
    What are my rights as a Temporary Foreign Worker in Canada?
    A person in an airport walking with a rolling bag. Canada welcomes thousands of foreign workers to the country every year.
    Report: High immigration targets likely to benefit western provinces
    Desjardins says western provinces will benefit from higher immigration targets.
    Family of some temporary foreign workers now eligible for Canadian work permits under temporary measure
    Family members of Temporary Foreign Workers may now be eligible for work permits.
    Quebec adds dozens of jobs to 2022 facilitated LMIA process list
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    Canada relaxes temporary foreign worker program rules to address labour shortages
    Collaborative work environment
    Quebec companies can now hire more temporary foreign workers
    Montreal city-scape, snow on buildings
    How to hire immigrants for jobs in Canada
    Multi-ethnic job candidates sitting in a row of chairs, wearing surgical masks.
    Quebec is moving forward with measures to welcome more temporary foreign workers
    Customer service
    It is now easier to get a Bridging Open Work Permit in Canada
    Woman working at desk
    Work in Canada: How to Get a Work Permit
    Old Montreal
    Graphic designers now among film and TV workers who can get expedited work permits
    Graphic designer
    Quebec announces deals to help hire and retain temporary foreign workers
    Quebec and Canada Flag
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    What you need to know about coming to Canada as a performing artist
    Dancer performing a stunt
    Canada to make major changes to temporary foreign worker regulations
    Farmer harvesting field
    Immigration: Let’s not forget about the Canadian citizens of tomorrow
    COPR Holder solutions covid-19
    Quebec extends health coverage for temporary foreign workers
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