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Q: I have an Interview for Permanent Residence in Canada, can anybody tell me what type of questions to expect? Also do I need to go to Canada immediately?

Answer: Although you may expect questions to focus on your work experience and/or applicability of such in Canada in large part, there is no specific set of questions which occur in every selection
interview. The questions will reflect any issues that the immigration officer wishes to clarify. In addition, questions will be directed towards the establishment of an applicant’s personal suitability.

You are allowed one year following the completion of your medical examinations to land in Canada. Failure to land in this period will most likely result in the necessity of a new application for PR status.

Q: What exactly is personal suitability? In the 70 points in the application process, why would one person get 5 out of 10 points, while another might get 7?

Answer: Personal suitability, as is implied in the name, is a subjective assessment of an applicant’s suitability for immigration to Canada based on numerous factors. For this reason, the scores which are attributed to any given applicant will vary considerably, notwithstanding the score or which he/she is eligible under the selection criteria.

Q: Does the fact that the immigration officer issued medical examinations following my interview mean that my case has been approved.

Answer: If no problem issues had been discussed at the interview, and medical forms were subsequently issued, you may assume that your qualifications have exceeded the minimum requirements. Assuming that there are no difficulties with your medical examination, that you pass security clearance and that you have fulfilled the other requirements of the Consulate, you may expect that the next step will be the issuance of your landing documents.

Comment: Policies regarding the issuance of medical documents, and the timing of such varies considerably from office to office.