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The Canada Immigration Newsletter – Back Issues: March 03, 1997

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The contents of this newsletter may be redistributed in whole, with the express condition that no changes be made to the content within.

This newsletter, edited by David Cohen, and published strictly in an electronic format, contains information pertinent to applicants for immigration to Canada in the various categories. The information contained herein is a compilation of recent postings on the misc.immigration.canada newsgroup, and appendices which will vary in content from issue to issue.

The text of inquiries may have been modified either for the purpose of removing personal information (although already posted to a public forum),
or to limit space constraints.

Readers who wish to obtain more information on topics are provided with associated URLs which contain additional details. Readers may also obtain
postings by the office of Campbell, Cohen which are not included in this newsletter by accessing the archives of misc.immigration.canada.