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Q & A: Sponsorship

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Q1. If an individual wishes to sponsor a fiance(e), is it typical for the immigration authorities to require that a co-signer be available when adequate income is not shown?

Answer Demonstration of financial arrangements is required in the case of family class applications. Where they may not be demonstrable, the visa officer may choose to make other requirements in order to admit the applicant.

Q2. Also, how much longer would be the processing times if one applies as a fiancee as compared to the case when one applies as a spouse?

Answer: It would not likely be significant at this time.

Q3. Are there any special financial requirements for each case?

Answer: Yes, the current figures are available at the following URL:

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Q4. Are there any circumstances when the fiancee would be denied the PR visa?

Answer: In the event of failure of medical or security clearance, failure to demonstrate adequate financial arrangements, or where the relationship is not deemed bona fide, the application could be refused.



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