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Quality Assurance Interviews

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“In order to assess the integrity of the interview waiver policy currently in place at the Regional Processing Centre, the Buffalo …

office will be conducting a series of quality assurance interviews of cases selected from the pool of applicants whose interviews were waived. Approximately 10% of the waived cases will be selected randomly for this purpose. The interviews will start in late February and continue periodically thereafter throughout 1998. Applicants will be required to bring a complete set of original documents to the interview for verification. If a problem with the documents or other information in the application form develops the interview will become a selection interview. Since Buffalo is the only office in the United States which is waiving the requirement for interviews in any substantial number, the interviews will be conducted only at this office. Convocation letters sent to the prospective immigrants will indicate the purpose of the interview and the documents required.

I realize that these quality assurance interviews may be inconvenient for individuals who do not live near Buffalo. However they are indispensable not only to ensure the integrity of the immigrant selection process, but also to determine whether our current waiver policy can be expanded any further.

Thank you for your assistance in this matter.

Yours sincerely,

R. A. Nauman”