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Q & A: Processing Priorities?

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Q. Is it true that PR application of a computer professional is processed quicker than other professionals, though they have higher qualifications and points? From my limited experience (well, only one or two!), it seems like that.

My friends applied at the same time and the one who is a software professional has got the landing papers but another one (not in a computer related job)is still waiting for a medical test or interview call! I am just wondering whether they have misplaced the file or it’s the normal way how it works!?

Answer: Processing of applications from any one profession are not given any increased priority over any other given profession. The differences in processing times that you have referred to are based on the issuance of an interview waiver in one case, and the apparent request for an interview in another. Computer professions are, by no means, the only professions which warrant interview waivers.



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