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Q & A: Occupational Title

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Q. I have gone through that list a thousand times and there is no title that matches mine. I have visited the human resources dept. on the internet of Canada to seek further definitions of the limited titles in the occupational list which pertain to the information technology industry and none are equivalent to my title !

Answer: Occupational titles in the GOL do not necessarily reflect industry titles for professions with similar duties. Although you must select an intended occupation which appears on the GOL, the title of such will not always match your professional title, although the duties should be the same.

You must look at the definitions of the available computer professions to determine which is most similar to your own responsibilities.

Intended occupations are best selected on the basis of the profession on the GOL which best reflects the duties performed in your recent positions of employment. In cases where this may refer to multiple occupations, priority should be given to the most recent employment.