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Quality Assurance Interviews

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Quality assurance interviews have been implemented by the IAPC in Buffalo as a means of assessment of the viability of the interview waiving process.

By randomly selecting and interviewing applicants who would have otherwise been scheduled of an interview waiver (or who had already been scheduled), the visa office hopes to determine whether or not the criterion being used to grant waivers accurately selects those applicants who would have qualified in the process regardless of the points allocated for personal suitability.

The Quality Assurance interview is different from a selection interview in that it is intended primarily to verify the authenticity of documentation submitted in support of an application, and to determine the consistency of such documentation with the applicant’s actual qualifications. In the event, however, that any discrepancies are found, the interview can become a Selection Interview, with similar potential pitfalls.

If possible, it may be best for adult dependents to accompany the principal applicant to a Quality Assurance interview. Although it can be conducted without the presence of such individuals, their presence may be more important in the event that a Selection Interview does become necessary.

Preparation for such interviews may be minimal, in that the intended purpose is only to verify documentation which has already been prepared and provided to the visa office. Any questions which are asked as part of the Quality Assurance process would be aimed at ensuring that the information provided about the applicant is correct. As the interview may become Selection oriented, however, applicants may wish to give some consideration to preparation in that regard.