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Q & A: NOC Education Requirements

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Q. Based on the new occupational code (NOC) that was put into effect in May, 1997 that I will be disqualified from receiving points altogether (15 ETF points and 10 occupational points) because of the lack of a degree. It seems unfair. Is this true? Is there any way around it?

Answer: Yes, it is a significant possibility that your application could be refused on the basis of your inability to meet the NOC education requirements for the position that you are considering. If, however, you can provide compelling evidence of your employability in this field in Canada, despite this discrepancy, it may be possible for you to qualify.

Such evidence may come in the form of evidence of on-the-job training, written job offers, certification in your field, etc. This approach is riskier than meeting the NOC requirements, obviously.