Q & A: Offshore processing in Buffalo

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Published: December 1, 1998

Q. I have sent my application forms to Singapore a year ago. I would like to transfer my application to Buffalo. I will go to Buffalo for the interview if need be. How long will the transfer take? The processing time at Buffalo is shorter, about 4-6 months, according to what I read in this newsgroup. Can I assume that it will take 6-8 months for Buffalo to process my application?

Answer: The processing time in Buffalo is shorter than Singapore, in general. The time frame that you have quoted, however, is much shorter than cases where an interview is required. As you are submitting the application from outside of the jurisdiction of the Buffalo IAPC, an interview will almost certainly be
required. IN such a case, the application will likely take approximately 12 months.

The transfer of the case will likely take a minimum of 6-8 weeks. Processing will recommence from the beginning at that point.

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