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Q & A: Returning Resident Permit

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Q. Has anybody (i.e., any landed immigrant) received RRP for receiving a paid practical training in the US ? I want to know what to do in order to receive RRP while working to gain some paid vocational training (while on PT), and gain some experience in the US.

Answer: Recently, the immigration Department has adopted an apparent policy of refusing RRP applications in cases where the applicant as not been resident in Canada for a sufficient period of time, even in the presence of demonstration of ties established to Canada. This often applies where
individual land in Canada and return to their country of previous residence to continue working or studying.

Although the refusal of the RRP does not remove status from the applicant, such a refusal may be held against the applicant upon subsequent return to Canada. In some cases therefore, it may not be to the applicant’s advantage to apply for the RRP.

If you do choose to apply for the RRP, demonstration of any ties that you have established to Canada should be demonstrated, along with evidence of the employment, and its duration.