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Q & A: CCPE Assessment

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Q. My wife graduated with a Bachelor in 1988 from China Textile University which is a top textile university in China and is reputed in the textile industry in the world. Although her education was positively assessed by the CCPE, the visa office refused her application, saying that she is not qualified as an Engineer. Doesn’t the CCPE assessment prove otherwise?

Answer: It is unlikely that the decision was based on the education of your spouse, especially given the CCPE approval. More likely, any argument that would be made to claim your spouse was a technician instead of an engineer would have been based on the duties outlined in the letter of reference, or the comments made by your spouse in relation to her duties at the interview.

If the duties described were consistent with that of an engineer, and CCPE accreditation had been approved. There may be grounds for appeal of the case before a Canadian court. Assuming that the visa office has already issued the refusal letter, it is very unlikely that they will reconsider the case at
this stage.

Regarding the score given on English language, the only way to dispute that would be to demonstrate scores from an IELTS or TOEFL examination.