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Q & A: Fiance(e) vs. Spousal Sponsorship

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Q. What are the differences between a spousal sponsorship and a fiance(e) sponsorship?

Answer: The main differences between the two applications that you refer to are:

1. you may not apply for spousal sponsorship until married;

2. a spousal sponsorship may often be processed inland if the sponsoree is admitted as a visitor;

3. a fiance(e) sponsorship is typically required to adhere more strictly to the low income cutoff requirements.

The costs are the same in either case.

[Comment: Some advantage in the time frame for processing of a spousal sponsorship may exist. Given that a fiance(e) sponsorship may be initiated prior to marriage, however, such advantage may be negated. The most critical difference is generally regarded to be the evaluation of finances of a spousal sponsor.]

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