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Q & A: Canadian Permanent Resident Visiting the USA

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Q. I am a citizen of India and recently I settled in Canada as a Permanent Resident. I have a good full time job in Software with a Canadian Company. I need to go to USA for four days to attend a conference. The question is, do I need to obtain any kind of VISA to enter USA?

Answer: Citizens of a commonwealth country (I.e., India) with PR status in Canada are not required to obtain a passport visa to appear at the US port of entry. At the port of entry, an immigration official will determine your eligibility to enter the USA, and the duration of your allowed stay.

When you appear at the port of entry, you should be in possession of documentation regarding the conference, your ties to Canada, and a return ticket, if possible.

Additional information on this topic may be found at the following URL:

[Comment: Exemption from the requirement to obtain a passport visa does not mean automatic admissibility to the USA. As is the case with any applicant for temporary admission, with or without a visa, an immigration official at the port of entry to the USA is subject to determine admissibility and the duration of such.

Permanent Residents of Canada who are not citizens of a Commonwealth country, and who are not otherwise exempt from obtaining a passport visa, should arrange a visitor visa in advance of appearing at the US port of entry.]



20 thoughts on “Q & A: Canadian Permanent Resident Visiting the USA

  1. Jose Aguilar

    I am Salvadorean, living in Canada as a Canadian Permanent Resident, My Salvadorean Passport is expired, I have USA Visa for 10 years. I want to Travel to USA for one week, what document do I need to Travel there?.

  2. Maria Lourdes Mario

    Oh sorry I forgot to mention that I have a valid Passport, valid PR card, valid US visa (multiple), I make sure that I will get a letter from my employer. Though I travelled with my employer last Jan 2017. We travelled to Florida and the cruise vacation. Am a caregiver.

    Thanks again.

    Maria M.

  3. Maria Lourdes Mario

    Hi I am a permanent resident of Canada since March 2015. So do I need to get the entry visa to travel to the US? (las vegas ) I am 47 years old tho. I have my valid PR card. I am worried about taking the risk traveling to the US. I will go there just to attend on my Aunt’s golden wedding anniversary this July 2017. I will stay there with my relatives house only for 5 days. Can you tell me please if I can travel without a problem? Yes, am originally born in the Philippines.

    Maria M.

  4. Sharon lubsen

    I am a Canadian perment resident with a British passport and have my esta paper . We have booked a vacation to Las Vegas in March. Am I going to be able to cross the USA border? Just confused on this whole ban thing.

  5. Hossain Ehsan

    I am Canadian Citizen and my wife landed immigrant in Canada from Bangladesh with PR card. My wife’s sister living in USA and we are planning to visit for two weeks by road. If we start driving, is she able to get port entry visa or she needs visa before arriving to the port? She has Bangladeshi passport, birth certificate etc. I have Canadian passport and advanced driving licence so I guess I am okay but I don’t know what else my wife’s entry. Please let me know.

  6. Elizabeth Koeman

    I am a permanent resident for 60 years with a valid p.r card and a valid European (the Netherlands) passport do I need a visa to the USA since I will be leaving from Fort Lauderdale on a cruise to Amsterdam The Netherlands?

  7. Abbas

    Hi, my name is abbas holding passport of Pakistan and i have a resident valid visa of ( L1 ) of usa and I am doing well job in Michigan and I want to visit Canada with family so we still need visa for Canada or not?

  8. Julio

    I want to cross USA driving to go to Mexico, I am a permanent resident of Canada. I am a citizen of mexico, what type of visa do i need ? Thanks.

  9. Mike

    I was a landed immigrant since 1974 till I received my permanent resident card last year . I am a citizen of Jamaica , but I have lived in Canada since 1974. I have a valid drivers licence, valid health card. I need to travel to the United States in July for my niece’s wedding. Can I travel to the United States with my valid Drivers Licence and Valid Jamaican passport and permanent resident card?

  10. abdu allah

    I am a citizen of Iraq and recently I settled in Canada as a Permanent Resident. didi i am alweed to travel to usa with my resdint card…..?

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