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Q & A: Inland Sponsorship

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Q. Can I apply inside Canada for immigration when I arrive with my wife who was born in Canada. I have been told that the only way you can do it that way is you must have a job lined up is this true or can I just apply within.

Could you please tell me how long it takes from applying within before I can work?

Answer: To be eligible to process a sponsorship application inland, that is entirely within Canada, the applicant and must demonstrate that sufficient Humanitarian and Compassionate grounds exist to allow for such. If that cannot be demonstrated to the satisfaction of an immigration official, the application must conclude processing at a visa office outside of Canada.

A spousal relationship would typically constitute sufficient grounds to allow for inland sponsorship. The fact that your spouse is pregnant would further benefit such a claim.

Although the processing of such a case would take 12-14 months, it may be possible to obtain an employment authorization in as little as 6-12 weeks after submission of the case.



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    Can I apply humatarian and compassionate in Canada.. I have 20 months old child who is born in Canada.. I and my son are I the Philippines.. What is my chance to approve yo this application? How long it takes for processing? I you are denied is there any consequences?


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