Labour Force Survey, November 2000

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Published: December 1, 2000

Employment increased by an estimated 58,000 in November. After a brief pause in June and July, employment increased each month from August to November, resuming the upward trend of the last three years.

While employment grew in November, so too did the labour force, by a similar amount - 58,000. This left the unemployment rate unchanged at 6.9%.

Overall full-time employment increased by 79,000 in November, with a gain of 85,000 among adults aged 25 and over.

Among adult women, full-time employment increased by 51,000, while part-time employment declined by 26,000. From August to November, full-time employment gains among adult women totalled 113,000, an average monthly increase of 28,000.

Full-time employment among adult men rose by 34,000 in November, bringing gains since July to 50,000, an average monthly increase of 12,000.

For more information, please visit: (Statistics Canada)

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