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Q & A: Effect of the Attacks on the USA

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Q. Given the current situation in the USA, are there any expected consequences for Canadian immigration?

Answer: Many of our clients and visitors to this website are asking if the tragic events that took place in New York and Washington on September 11, 2001 will have an effect on the Canadian immigration process.

There have been no changes to the existing Canadian Immigration Laws and Regulations since these events. With the exception of Islamabad, all Canadian Visa offices abroad continue to process all visa applications just as they did before.

However, you may be aware that Canada is in the process of overhauling its Immigration Laws and Regulations. The Canadian Parliament has already passed the new Law and it now awaits approval by the Senate. We expect this approval to come very soon especially because the new Law provides for tighter security measures.

If you are thinking about migration to Canada you would be well advised to have a completed application submitted to a Canadian Visa office before the new Regulations take effect. Once an application has been filed, it will not be negatively affected by any subsequent changes to the selection criteria. Moreover, if the new Regulations improve your chances of succeeding, they will be considered by the Visa Officer. So there is no advantage to waiting for the new Law before submitting your file.

We are monitoring the current situation closely as it pertains to the Canadian immigration process. If there are any disruptions in service we will immediately post an advisory on this website. You are welcome to check here for the latest information.