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The following is a summary of issues which have arisen recently which may affect those seeking temporary or permanent relocation to Canada:

Resumption Of Regular Service In Islamabad, Pakistan:

As the situation in the region is stabilizing, CIC’s mission in Islamabad, Pakistan as been taking gradual steps to return to full services. As a result, full visitor visa processing was restored on December 10, 2001 and full processing of immigrant cases was also reinstated on January 2, 2002. In addition interviews are expected to start again on January 7, 2002.

HRDC Provided Funding for Foreign Workers :

A sum of $24-million budgeted for the Department of Human Resources Development will pay for the department to work out the needs of specific industry sectors so that prospective immigrants who are offered jobs will obtain speedy approval to come to Canada.

Under the program, Human Resources Development will issue a blanket approval for a given number of employees for an industry sector, and companies will recruit individuals to come. The temporary workers will be able to apply to stay as landed immigrants after two years in Canada.

Visitor Visas Required for Grenada and Dominica:

After two years of discussions with governments in the eastern Caribbean about the sale of their passports to non-nationals, Canada last month imposed entry visa requirements on citizens of Grenada and Dominica.

The imposition of visa requirements by Canada followed an agreement between the Canadian and US governments to co-ordinate visa policies as part of a campaign to increase security after September 11.