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Q & A: Delaying Application

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Q. Rather than trying to speed the immigration process up, I would like to know if there is a way of slowing it down. I am a U.S. citizen and I would like to apply for immigration now (because my situation may be less ideal later), but, if I am approved, I do not wish to immigrate to Canada for two years. I understand that a person usually has one year from the date of the medical in which to “land”. Could I delay things by not scheduling the medical immediately or not sending in my ROLF right away? Does anyone know the length of time allowed for such things before my file would be closed?

Answer: The strategies that you describe are viable means of slowing the application process. The problem, however, is that you risk refusal of your application if the immigration officials feel that you are not complying with requests. In order to minimize such risks, ensure that you do finally comply with requests within allotted time frames, that you confirm that you have done so in writing to the visa office, and that you notify the visa office of any anticipated delays in those cases in which a specific deadline is not provided.