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The following is a summary of issues which have arisen recently which may affect those seeking temporary or permanent relocation to Canada:

2nd “Tranche” of Regulations Released

Most Applications for Permanent Residence will increase by $50 cdn for all age groups and categories of immigration to cover the cost of the new permanent resident card.

Permanent residents landed prior to the coming into force of the new Immigration Regulations will be charged $50 Cdn to obtain the new permanent resident card.

The application fee for children under 22 will be $150 cdn, under the new immigration regulations. Also the Right of Landing Fee ($975 cdn) has been modified to take into consideration the fact that the age of dependant children has been broadened. Children under 22 years of age will be exempt from making this payment.

Under the current Act, a single fee is charged to cover both assessment of eligibility to sponsor and process the application for permanent residence. Under the new law, the single fee will be replaced by two service fees.

More Skilled Immigration Needed :

The government must revisit Canada’s immigration policy in order to address shortage of skilled professionals in Canada, said Nancy Hughes Anthony, president of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce. Immigration policies in the works will make it harder for skilled blue-collar workers to enter the country and also discourages people who have no connection to Canada, but might have a fresh degree from a top university, she said. …