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Q & A: Post-Graduate Experience

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Q. A spouse of a PhD international student at the U of Toronto, with MS in Math from the US and NO previous work experience, got a full-time teaching job in a private school (open EA, no HRDC validation) in Toronto starting September 2002. Would this person be eligible to apply for PR now or only after the completion of the first year of work? Are teachers eligible to immigrate at all? Would this qualify as an “arranged employment” and give extra points?

Answer: A minimum of one year of work experience is considered a prerequisite
for eligibility in the Skilled Worker program. Any post-graduate
research or teaching experience may also be considered valid, however.

Assuming that the employment authorization was granted under the E08 exemption, it does not appear that it would meet the definition of
Arranged Employment, as it would not be valid for at least 12 months
after the date of the application.