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2003 Immigration Plan

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In 2003, CIC expects to bring to Canada between 220,000 and 245,000 newcomers as permanent residents.

Of these, 60% (132,000-147,000) are expected to be selected in the economic class, 26% (59,000-64,500) in the family class, 13% (28,100-32,500) as protected persons and less than 1% in other categories (see table 6). The plan underlines CIC’s commitment to balancing family reunification, protection and economic components of the program.

As per Quebec’s three-year projection for 2001-2003, it is expected that Quebec will settle between 40,000 and 45,000 new permanent residents in 2003. As part of the plan, Quebec expects between 20,600 and 23,700 of these newcomers to be in the economic class; 3,200 to 5,000 to be in the business class; 8,600 to 8,700 to be in the family class; and 7,600 to be refugees.