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Change Status within Canada?

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Q. I intend to come to Canada as a visitor for several months. If I find a job during that time, can I change my status while in Canada?

Answer: Specific provisions to ‘change’ status under such circumstances do not exist, but an applicant can apply for a work permit or for permanent resident status while within Canada. Such an application would have to be submitted to a visa office outside of Canada, and to which the applicant is entitled to submit the case, however.

If your Canadian status expires during the time that you were seeking such authorization to live and work here, you may still be required to leave while the decision is pending. Such an application would not, in itself, be grounds for extension of status in Canada.



7 thoughts on “Change Status within Canada?

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    I am a foreign worker recently got a court order for a void/annulled marriage. I need to apply for a new TRV since I have to go back home for a short vacation. Can I submit the court order stating my annulled marriage then indicate on my TRV visa that I am now in a common law status?

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    Why Immigration join Citizenship is need to english test in 18-54 age ? Difficulty a lot of canada people is not understand english , Why CIC do not use translate personnel to test for Citizenship booktest ?

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    Hi, How can i become a permanent resident in Canada after coming to Canada on a visitor visa?? and how long is the application processing time for change of my status to a permanent resident??

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    Hi, im wondering if the immigration will honor my divorce paper from the philippines for updating my status here in canada.i declared myself through processing that im still married but iim separated already.i dont have any supporting documents that time to declare agead of time that im that i got my supporting documents and im a canadian citizen thats my concern.thanks so much..

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    Prem Kumar

    May I change my status from Visitor to student or wok permit once I got the Visa under Can Plus Programme? Please advise. Regards.

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    How can my family & I remain in Canada legally after entering the country on a visiting visa?

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    Can i change my marital status from single to married because i declare single when actually i am married already?we were refused because of misrepresentation an honest mistake because of false advice from a it still possible to change my status so that i can sponsor my wife?Can you help us please what we should do. Thank you!

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