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News Briefs – Language Schools being Investigated

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The Minister of Immigration, Judy Srgo, have begun investigations into private language schools in order to enhance the foreign student program. Amidst complaints that many such private institutions do not offer an adequate education, the process of accrediting such colleges is being reviewed.

The 11 immigration ministers will also discuss how ESL courses can assist
in upgrading foreign credentials, allowing more offshore trained immigrants
to work in Canada in their respective professions.

Quebec looks to Immigrants to Offset Aging Population

Increased immigration can offset Quebec’s aging population and low birthrate, Immigration Minister Danielle Courchesne said Tuesday.

Courchesne, who will head up public consultations on the issue, said young Quebecers will suffer without an increase in the number of new arrivals. “It’s hard to imagine the costs of a drop in population growth,” Courchesne said in a statement. “It will put an enormous strain on our institutions, notably our health system.” Courchesne said 2.2 million Quebecers will be 65 years of age or older by 2031, according to projections.

The number of younger residents is expected to drop during the same period, said the minister.