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Update: Foreign Student work initiatives

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Off-Campus Work

Since announcing expansion of the off-campus work program, which allows foreign students to work off-campus while completing their studies at public post-secondary institutions, many individuals have been wondering how the Government will implement the program.

In last month’s announcement, CIC and HRSDC promised to build upon the existing program, which applies to students studying at institutions in provinces that have signed agreements with CIC. These provinces include Manitoba, New Brunswick, and Quebec.

The new program commits the Government to negotiating with each of the provincial authorities so that students across the country in all provinces and territories will be able to work off-campus during their studies.

Post-graduation employment

The new post-graduation work program will give students the opportunity to work for up to two years in Canada after graduation, instead of only one year.

The post-graduation work permit is issued to new grads for employment in their field of study. Interested foreign students should apply within 90 days of confirming that they have met the requirements of their program and while their study permit is still valid.

Graduates can qualify whether or not they completed a degree, a diploma or a certificate program, so long as the graduated from a post-secondary institution authorized by provincial authorities.

The second year of authorized work in Canada is available to students who completed at least two years of full-time study in Canada before graduating. Otherwise, a one-year post-graduation work permit is still possible.

New graduates are eligible for the second year so long as they both found employment and graduated from an institution outside of the metropolitan areas of Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver.

Students wishing to undertake post-graduate or off-campus employment still require a work permit. However, they will be able to qualify for one without having to obtain a labour market opinion from Human Resources and Skills Development Canada.



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