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Canadian universities lure international students

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According to Citizenship and Immigration (CIC) Canada , over 56,000 international students settled upon Canada to complete their studies in 2004. Universities claim that Canada ‘s strong international reputation, affordable tuition, and diverse culture are the main draws.

To attract foreign students, the universities employ a variety of techniques; usually a combination of international education fairs, publications and an improved interactive web presence which allows students fast access to information.

Canadian institutions of higher learning say the presence of international students fosters understanding of other cultures and is a key ingredient in appreciating international perspectives in the era of globalization.
The Internet is McGill’s principal means of recruiting. “It has made the application process easier and faster,” says Paul Beel, Manager of International Liaison for Admissions at McGill University in Montreal . Another reason foreign students choose McGill is because the university fast-tracks its application process. “They will hear from us by March long before they hear from any other university in Canada .” The school has slightly over 6,000 foreign students, out of a total student body of 24,000.

The World Wide Web (WWW) has also become the principal channel foreign students use to gather information on Toronto’s York University, says David Huckvale, York’s Associate Director of Recruitment.

Canada ‘s third largest post-collegiate institute, York University , has 8,000 foreign students stemming from over 120 countries. International students often cite Ontario ‘s large immigrant community as the main factor in choosing to enroll at York .