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Earlier this month, we introduced you to, a social network where Canadian residents and future immigrants can connect and learn from each other, become engaged in Canadian communities, and ultimately help improve the Canadian immigration and settlement processes.  The response from our newsletter subscribers and the Canadian media has been overwhelmingly positive, with a flux of new members on LoonLounge and praise coming from such highly regarded Canadian news agents as the Globe and Mail and the Toronto Star.

With over 15,500 members from 191 countries, LoonLounge is helping more and more people exchange information, find the tools and resources they need, and make friends with their future Canadian neighbours and colleagues.

The Canadian exposure that LoonLounge has received over the past few weeks has helped balloon the community of Canadian citizens and Permanent Residents on LoonLounge, who are excited to get involved in this non-commercial site where they can help newcomers and future immigrants make Canada their new home.

Canadian residents are well-aware of the importance of immigration to Canadian society and the workforce.  Canadian employers are coming up with innovative ways to recruit and integrate newcomers into their diverse workforces; and Canadian community groups across the country are working on making themselves more attractive immigration destinations through settlement programs and services.

Canadians are realizing that LoonLounge can be a central place for them to reach out to newcomers and future immigrants.  And as newcomers receive this helping hand, they are turning around and passing it on to others, making LoonLounge a continuous circle of information-sharing and network-building.

The Toronto Star calls LoonLounge “a slick, interactive and well designed venue to draw in Canadians and those hoping to become Canadian.”

Focusing more on the potential for interaction between Canadian employers and future Canadian immigrant workers, the Globe and Mail describes LoonLounge:

“So now someone from, say Nigeria, can post a profile [on LoonLounge] and find people in Canada from his hometown.  A professional engineer from India could ask questions about job availability in different cities.  Or a Canadian hospital recruiter can find and hire a nurse from the Philippines before she even arrives in the country.”

As the LoonLounge membership continues to grow, so does your potential to make valuable connections to people in Canada and around the world on LoonLounge.



7 thoughts on “ – the new Canadian immigration and settlement online community – garnering praise across Canada

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    Cheikh Tidiane Cherif Mbaye

    je suis sénégalais, et suis formateur en mécanique auto.
    J’ai obtenu les diplômes suivants:
    1. master en management de projets;
    2. licence professionnelle en gestion des entreprises;
    3. BTI, BEP et CAP en mécanique automobile
    je cherche des informations sur la procédure d’immigration au Canada.

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    lamine sagna

    bonjour! je suis un jeune sénégalais,je souhaites poursuivre mes études au canada et je demandes votre avis mais aussi comment faire pour immigrer au canada sans problème.

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    i cannot access the loonlounge website since two weeks ,i cleared all history of chrome too and tried again,but i cant still access loonlounge website

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    Aman Kumar

    Intersted to canada work visa

  5. Avatar
    Eduardo Arias

    How is the job market in Canada for electricians?

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    Thank you for this beautiful site

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    Thank you

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