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With a Growing Job Market, Your Future May Be In Quebec

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From now to 2015, the province of Quebec is planning to admit 50,000 new immigrations each year from over 100 countries. Individuals who are thinking of settling in Quebec will want to know about employment opportunities in the province. According to a study done by the Université de Montréal, a significant majority of immigrants selected as workers found a job that corresponds to their qualifications within five years of being admitted to Quebec. This is encouraging news as Quebec employers are requesting that the Quebec government accept more immigrants to the province to make up for the loss of Canadian workers that are retiring.

Where are the most employment opportunities in Quebec?

In general, Quebec’s overall labour market is favourable, but the Montreal region in particular is known for having employment opportunities across a wide range of industries. Because of this, a majority of foreign individuals choosing to settle in Quebec live in the Montreal region.

According to the Canadian government’s labour forecasts, there are several employment sectors in Montreal that will be experiencing particularly strong growth, such as information and technology sectors, health and science fields, and the tourism industry. The following are a few examples of occupations that are expected to have the highest rate of job growth within the coming years:

Information and Technology

Montreal is home to several large computer and video gaming corporations such as Electronic Arts, UbiSoft, and Softimage and the following are a few occupations are in demand for those industries:

• Information Systems Analysts and Consultants
• Web Designers and Developers
• Computer Network Technicians
• Computer Programmers and Interactive Media Developers

Business & Finance

• Financial auditors and accountants
• Professional occupations in business services to management
• Bookkeepers

Health and Medical

Canada’s population is quickly aging resulting in a greater demand for health services. As such, the need of individuals who work in the medical field is particularly high for the following occupations:

• Specialist Physicians
• Biologists and related scientists
• General Practitioners and Family Physicians
• Dentists
• Pharmacists
• Physiotherapists
• Licensed Practical Nurses

Tourism Industry

With hundreds of festivals held annually, Montreal and Quebec City welcome millions of tourists from around the world, resulting in a high demand for employees in the following occupations:

• Accommodation Service Managers
• Food Service Supervisors
• Cooks
• Food and Beverage Servers

Occupations in Education

Montreal is home to several renowned universities and colleges, such as McGill University, the John Molson School of Business, and the Université de Montreal. As such, job opportunities in the educational field are constantly growing:

• University Professors
• College and Other Vocational Instructors
• Administrators – Post-secondary Education and Vocational Training

Other Occupations in High Demand

• Butchers, Meat Cutters and Fishmongers – Retail and Wholesale
• Electrical Mechanics
• Aircraft Assembly Inspectors
• Construction Managers
• Civil Engineers

A job offer from a Quebec employer is not required when applying for Canadian Permanent Residency through the Quebec Skilled Worker Program. Contrary to the Federal Skilled Worker Program, applicants in the Quebec Skilled Worker Program are not required to have work experience in a qualifying occupation. Computer programmers, engineers, accountants, and those in other occupations can all apply through this program. If you are interested in immigrating to Canada permanently, we invite you to complete our free Canadian immigration assessment to determine if you qualify for Canadian Permanent Residency.

You can see which jobs are currently available in your field by using our free Canadian Job Search Tool.