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Canada Still Open For Immigration

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Many Canadian immigration programs remain open, despite the Canadian government’s announcement that it will be taking a ‘temporary pause’ in accepting Federal Skilled Worker applications. In this article, CIC News will briefly explore current open programs, as well as the future of the Federal Skilled Worker Program.

Individuals were disheartened to hear that the Federal Skilled Worker (FSW) program has temporarily suspended the intake of applications. This led some potential applicants to mistakenly believe that Canadian immigration is ‘closed’. On the contrary, immigration to Canada not only continues, it continues to thrive.

Overall, Canada will continue to accept permanent and temporary residents at a similar level as recent years. Last year, the country welcomed 250,000 new permanent residents and almost 200,000 temporary foreign workers. There are no plans to decrease these numbers, and this is proof that the door to Canada remains very much open. There are a number of popular Canadian immigration programs that are continuing to accept applications from eligible individuals, which will ensure that immigration continues on all levels.

Current Status of the Federal Skilled Worker Program

The current halt on accepting new applications to the FSW program is temporary, and does not affect all FSW streams. Two FSW streams are still open: Arranged Employment and PhD. Individuals with an offer of Arranged Employment, as well as those who are completing or have just completed a PhD program in Canada, may still be eligible to apply.

As for the FSW stream that has been temporarily closed, Immigration Minister Jason Kenney has stated that the program will re-open in January 2013.When the program does reopen, it has been hinted that it will include an increased emphasis on language skills and younger immigrants. Minister Kenney has also announced the government’s intention to create a new stream that targets skilled tradespersons.

Regardless of when and how the FSW reopens, potential immigrants should keep in mind that it is just one of over 60 Canadian immigration programs, and that the door to Canada remains open. Below is a brief overview of programs that are open at the time of publication.

Canadian Immigration Program Without a Required Job Offer

Quebec Skilled Worker Program: Many immigrants have turned to Quebec’s popular immigration program as a way of coming to Canada and obtaining permanent residency. Last year, 51,736 new permanent residents arrived in Quebec – the highest level of immigration to any province except Ontario. They were selected through one of a handful of programs specific to the province.

The Quebec Skilled Worker program is continuing to accept applications. It is a separate program from the FSW, and has not been affected by the FSW’s temporary pause. It uses its own unique points-based system to assess applicants, and is open to individuals from more than 100 fields of study.

Other Open Canadian Immigration Programs

Provincial Nominee Programs: Almost every province/territory in Canada has its own Provincial Nominee Program (PNP). These allow the provinces to target immigrants with skills and/or connections that they place high value on, and to streamline the process for those targeted immigrants. Every PNP has slightly different immigration streams and requirements. For instance, did you know that:

  • Most PNPs have their very own Skilled Worker streams. Generally, they require that the applicant already be working in the province.
  • Alberta’s PNP has special streams for tradespersons, engineers, and semi-skilled workers
  • Saskatchewan, Newfoundland and Labrador, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Manitoba all have streams for individuals with family connections in the province
  • British Columbia’s PNP has a stream for designated health professionals and semi-skilled workers in the province

Canadian and Quebec Experience Class: These popular streams are designed for temporary workers and international students. The Canadian Experience Class is intended for individuals planning to settle outside of Quebec, while the Quebec Experience class is meant for those who will settle in the Province of Quebec.

Temporary Foreign Workers: Tens of thousands of individuals come to Canada from around the world each year to perform temporary work. This work can last anywhere from a few days to multiple years. In fact, Canada is currently experiencing a labour shortage, which means that more than ever, foreign workers will be called upon to fill job openings throughout the country.

Temporary work requires a job offer from a Canadian employer. For some, this is a first step to achieving permanent residency status.

Family Sponsorship: Canada remains committed to keeping families together. Federal sponsorship programs are continuing as usual. As mentioned above, some PNPs also include family connection streams.

Though their paths to Canada may be different, every year thousands of new residents come to Canada to start a new chapter in their lives. Though the Federal Skilled Worker program is one of Canada’s more well-known programs, it is far from the only path to Canadian Permanent Residency. Potential immigrants are encouraged to explore their options and determine which is right for them.

To find out if you are eligible for one of over 60 Canadian immigration programs, fill out a free online assessment today.



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    its very hard to immigrate in other countries like australia and nez zealand because you need to pass the score of 7.0 to go in their country even though you passed already the assessment
    its quite unfair because the other people did is get the 9.0 ielts score to have higher points even though they dont have any experience in job im a software programmer and have a 7 years of experience but still hard to find a country where can i canada i think this coming april its hard now to migrate because of high score also needed for ielts hope the immigration can read this because they are not based on skills or the experience but they are based on the score on what you got in IELTS

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    inderjeet singh

    very good

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    inderjeet singh

    i want go to canada. i want to see canada.

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    I agree with what Brian saying, well that is how i feel the minister of immigration dont care. I have been waiting over time frame for sponsoring my husband and think you are right as he is from country that is muslim and all his records are good but for some reason its taking so far 2 months over what they say processing time is for that county. Saying they are doing their best to keep loved ones together, I been waiting long time now for my husband who is a good citizen in his country and never any trouble there and still waiting for them. How long does it take to make a day for an interview anyways. Ive been waiting now for 2 months since was told there would have to be an interview.

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    Thanx for canadian gorvmnment, any time i will be there.

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    Very well said @ Brian, all these people that want to come to Canada have no clue of how really undemocratic things really are in Canada. It’s one, big old (white) boys club!!!

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    My dear friends,
    I live in Canada. All I can tell you is that Harper’s government and his so-called minister of immigration has no intention to let anybody with different religious or political and cultural background in Canada anymore. This has been the plan since they got the power and now with majority in Parliament they can do whatever the want. They are will let people from US, England and Irland in in addition to temp workers whom they can kick out whenever the want but hardly any other racial or culturally different people. This has always been conservative agenda.. The only possible way to fight this and at least hold them accountible for the damages, is a class action lawsuit and if it fails slabbing this government in UN. Harper soe not consider the commitments made under Liberal government as his or Canada’s responsibility.

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    moahmmad naeim

    Dear Sir / Madam
    Hello, I have applied in so many places for job but they don’t replay. their requirement is Canadian experience but how can i get Canadian experience without coming in Canada?
    Thank you so much.
    Moahmmad Naeim

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    It is about three years that we were interviewed in Canada for investment and we paid the money,but there is no news for our medical and we faced a lot of problemes my childeren wanted to continue their study but donot know what to do and we faced a very great. Inflammation in our country the ex-change price has become twic for us this suspend causes ordinry peopel unfair problem goverment has accept us and has got our money what is this delay for?”

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    William Harris

    Thank you for continueing to share these informative and educative articles with me. I am hoping that my-self and family will be juring to the great land of Canada in the near future, and will be able to share our experiencies, leading to that moment with other, as well the informative session/s ( articles) that you have shared with us.

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