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Canadian Immigration News Briefs for Mid-September 2012

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The following is a summary of developments concerning Canadian Citizenship and Immigration that took place or were announced over the last two weeks.

Over 3,000 Individuals May Be Stripped of Canadian Citizenship

Over 3,000 new Canadian citizens may be stripped of their citizenship due to allegations of fraud. >>Read more…

Natural Resources Fuel 20% of Canada’s Economy

The Department of Natural Resources recently released figures that show the importance of resources to Canada’s economy.  >>Read more…

Authorities Uncover Immigration Marriage Fraud

39 individuals in Montreal were charged with participating in a fake marriage scheme. The goal of the scheme was the bring people to Canada by falsifying marriage to a Canadian citizen or Permanent Resident.  >>Read more…



8 thoughts on “Canadian Immigration News Briefs for Mid-September 2012

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    shodipe taiwo

    pls help me out

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    I applaud the recent changes by the CIC and the Government of Canada to crack down on immigration fraud. As an immigrant myself, I am tired of people abusing the system and ruining things for the rest of us. I hope that the Conservatives stay in power to provide them with sufficient time to track down people who have falsified information on citizenship applications and to strip them of their passports.

    Once the system has been cleaned up, immigration will be reserved for those who are truly qualified and interested in living in Canada and making it a better place.

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    please tell me IS GOVERNMENT OF QUEBEC HAS STOPPED RECEIVING FILES BEFORE THE DATE OF 31 MARCH 2013.because someone told me that i can’t send my file by Jan 2013

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    thanks for the info!

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    please any body tell me nowadays london office how much take time for further process after medical exams received

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    Can I set up a company in Canada for finishing apartments or contracting company how much capital required only they knew builder Syrian citizenship and work in Cairo

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    Why government of Canada frequently changing the immigration categories and otherwise the processing time further increased Pakistan from 37 months to 44 months

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