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Canadian Immigration Questions and Answers with Attorney David Cohen

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Every month, Attorney David Cohen will answer a few general Canadian immigration questions submitted by our readers. Here are this month’s questions and answers:

I am in the process for sponsoring my parents for Permanent Residency through the Family Class. My father, who was the principle applicant, recently passed away. I still wish to bring my mother to Canada. Can we continue with the application process, or do we have to start all over again?

I am sorry for your loss. Earlier this year Citizenship and Immigration Canada issued an Operational Bulletin, wherein it indicated that during the processing of a parental sponsorship appliaction, if an officer is notified of the death of the Principal Applicant, the officer may replace the Principal Applicant with the individual identified on the application as the accompanying spouse. The officer will request an updated sponsorship application and IMM 0008 form, but no additional fees. So you should be OK.

I have heard that the new Federal Skilled Worker class will require the Canadian equivalency of foreign education documents to be determined by a third party. Has this party been designated yet? Can I begin submitting my credentials to them?

Yes, foreign educational credentials will need to be assessed for Canadian equivalency under the revised Federal Skilled Worker Class. As of this date no third party has been designated for this purpose by Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

My diploma is not related to my ten years of work experience. How does this affect my Quebec Skilled Worker application?

Under the Quebec Skilled Worker program you will not get points for the “domain de formation” selection factor if your diploma is more than five years old and you do not have at least one year of related work experience in the last five years.

Is there any way to work temporarily in Canada without first receiving a job offer from a Canadian employer?

An open, unrestricted work permit is required in order to work in Canada without a job offer. Open, unrestricted work permits are available in limited circumstances. People who may qualify for open unrestricted work permits include spouses of temporary workers who hold skilled job-offer based work permits, working-age children of skilled temporary foreign workers in select provinces, full-time foreign students or recent graduates from Canadian post-secondary institutions, or participants in the International Experience Canada program, also known as the Working Holiday program.

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    Jose Ferrera

    We family 7 people

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    Reynaldo Rivas

    Great article. Thanks for the info, you have made it easy to understand.

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    relationship advice for friends

    Perhaps you could write subsequent articles relating to this article

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    My friend in the Philippines got married 2 years ago, to a Filipino-Canadian after cohabiting for 10 years. She got her visa in December 2013 and both were due to leave for Canada on 19 February 2014. Sadly, her husband passed away just few weeks ago. She notified the Embassy of the death and was also advised by the Consul in Cebu not to travel without hearing from the Embassy. As her status has changed due to the death of her sponso,r what would be her chance of getting another visa? I’d appreciate your input. Thanks.

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    I was married canadian citizen for more than three years and after he passed away and im not granted.But extended I have opened work permit and I was working personal support worker besides that my late husband left his business and I was running and I have employees. And apply humanitarian compassionate and starting over question can I stay here in canada as permanent residence. Please I need your help. Thanks.

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